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In an effort to meet industry demands, Chase established a daily power report that analyzes the fundamentals of the Alberta Power industry and that has a readership of over 75 customer Companies.

The Chase Daily Fundamental Summary Report offers a collection of settlement price data from various Alberta and North American energy markets in combination with price forecasts. This report also details useful market related charts, news summaries, load and generation information, plus it includes Alberta exchange traded volumes.

Chase also offers a data feed in xls formats of all settlements making it easier for those who track prices.



Chase also does many ad-hoc reports for customers who need to drill into the most extensive historical data in the industry including data back to 2001 in both Alberta Power and Natural Gas.

Over the past 5 years, Chase has increased its reputable exposure in the Alberta energy industry by maintaining a connection with customers to ensure the Chase Daily Fundamental Summary Report is dynamic and responsive.



Bob Hesson has been in the Power industry since 1978 and has developed the Power Fundamental Summary report delivered to over 400 subscribers.
Bob plays a large role in the development of Electrical Energy fundamental studies, reports on Electricity forward pricing in Alberta, Ontario and Mid-C
Independent consultant to RRO (Regulated Rate Option) Buyer/Consumer of Electricity and has been involved in two start up operations in natural gas, one in Houston for a Canadian firm and one in Calgary for an American firm
Former Vice President Trading and Operations.

Bob has been consulting for the Power and Natural Gas industries in the areas of analysis, price forecasting, marketing, operations, and market design.Contract work includes customized data gathering for project analysis (i.e. Power auctions), marketing (i.e. provide data for price discovery and transact on customers behalf for energy or transportation and exchange).
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