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Daily Alberta Power Fundamental Report Subscription Info

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Any additional users include details on separate page and email to


Alberta Fundamental Report: -> Subscription Selection – Please select one (1) of the following payment options:

___ Single Subscription $1,300.00/yr. (+GST) = $1,365.00

___ Multi copy (2 to 3 copies) $1,900.00/yr. (+GST) = $1,995.00

___ Multi copy (4 to 5 copies) $2,400.00/yr. (+GST) = $2,520.00

___ Multi copy (6 or more copies) $3,000.00/yr. (+GST) = $3,150.00

Chase also offers a daily data feed in Excel format that has all relevant and available settlement prices but is only available when added to a subscription:

___above with one data feed in xl add $900/ yr. (+GST) = $945.00

___above with two data feeds in xl add $1,300/ yr. (+GST) = $1,365.00

___above with three data feeds in xl add $1,600/ yr. (+GST) = $1,680.00

Monthly or balance of year subscriptions are available. Please contact our office for details of charges.

Please make cheque payable in Canadian Funds directly to “Chase Enterprises Ltd.” and mail to:
463 Second Avenue Trail, British Columbia V1R 4V5

GST# 892074154

Email or call 250-231-5056 for an immediate response.