Power Pricing Experts

Chase Enterprises Ltd has been in the electricity sector since 2000 when it first contracted with the start-up power trading system “Alberta Watt Exchange” bringing buyers and sellers together to transact forward power contracts as the industry began deregulation. The market was slow to react to the changes presented and went from minor initial year transactions to online transactions in 2008 totaling over 16 million megawatts on the NGX trading system. In addition, NGX traded over 17 million megawatts “over the counter” in 2008.

Chase Enterprises has the most extensive power and natural gas price data base in Alberta having gathered and analyzed information for our more than 75 customers since 2001. Work involves data analysis for new generation projects, assistance to Regulated Rate Option Customers, as well as informative graphics for those who want to keep abreast of the evolving electricity markets in Alberta and Ontario. As stated previously, Chase Enterprises focuses its energy on markets and consulting services which include:

  • Daily Reports on both Power and Natural Gas in Alberta
  • Customized Reports/Analysis for generation and procurement Data streams for easy import into your own data base
  • Project evaluation and development

To discuss what Chase Enterprises can do for you call Bob Hesson at 250-231-5056 or email Bob at bobh@bobhesson.com

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