AESO Ops; AB Efficiency Challenged

Sample   Keephills#1 came back online at 07:18, off at 07:28, and back online at 08:42 yesterday. The Notley Government announced Tuesday Alberta households are eligible to register to have energy-efficient products installed in their homes free of charge beginning in April. The products include LED lights to replace existing incandescent light bulbs, high-efficiency shower […]

AB $36MM Solar Plan; Soventix AB Properties

A $36-million rebate program to encourage solar installations on residential and commercial buildings was announced by the provincial government yesterday. “This program will make solar power affordable for more Albertans, leading to new panels on 10,000 Alberta rooftops by 2020,” said Minister of Environment and Parks Shannon Phillips. “Along the way, we will create jobs […]

AESO Ops; ON Admits Mistake; Site C Tension Crack

Keephills#2 (395MW) went offline at 11:00 Friday until 17:19 Sunday; HR Milner (144MW) went offline at 10:09 Saturday; Sundance#6 (401MW) went offline at 12:44 Sunday; Keephills#1 (395MW) went offline at 21:53 Sunday. Ontario Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault has acknowledged errors on the way the Liberal government implemented its Green Energy plan. Thibeault says the implementation […]

KH#2 Online; AB Transmission Costs Rising; CA Electricity Policies Hurting WCC

Keephills#2 (395MW) came back online at 04:54 this morning. Albertans can expect a few more years of rising electricity costs during the provincial phase-out of coal-fired electricity in favour of renewables and natural gas. But those increases will be coming from infrastructure projects greenlit by the previous government, and not the cost of electricity itself. […]

ON Gov Fights Fraser Report; NB Slow to Fix Rates

The Ontario government is fiercely disputing the validity of a recent Fraser Institute report claiming that phasing out coal-fired power plants across the province yielded only “small improvements” in air quality between Ottawa, Hamilton, and Toronto. Scientists from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) allege that the models used by the right-wing think […]

AESO Ops; BC Budget; ON to End Disconnects

Sundance#5 (406MW) online at 06:05 yesterday; Keephills#2 (395MW) offline at 22:24 last night. The British Columbia provincial government on Tuesday unveiled its fifth consecutive budget in the black. The 2017/18 budget, which is expected to run a C$295-million surplus, including positive balances for the next two years, confirms the extension of the British Columbia mining […]

AESO Ops; Giants Battery is Close; BC’s Site C Pushes out Biofuel

Sundance#5 (406MW) went offline at 18:24 Friday, on at 04:13 this morning and off again at 05:04 this morning; Sheerness#1 (400MW) online at 12:06 until 22:03 Saturday and back online at 06:32 Sunday; Genesee#2 (400MW) back online at 123:46 Saturday. The idea that giant batteries may someday revolutionise electrical grids has long enthralled clean-power advocates […]

SH#1, GN#2 Offline; AB Awards Biogas Funding; Kimberley Lead Mine Solar; ON Battery

Sheerness#1 (400MW) went offline at 04:06 this morning; Genesee#2 (400MW) went offline at 02:53 this morning. A southern Alberta company shared in $58-million in provincial funding last week.  Lethbridge Biogas LP, which produces electricity, received $1,854,000 from the Bioenergy Producer Program. The 31 grant recipients all produce biofuels, electricity, heat or wood pellets that help […]

Carbon pricing a Canada-wide cash-grab

A new study by the Fraser Institute reveals there isn’t one government in Canada implementing the most honest and effective form of carbon pricing – a 100% revenue-neutral carbon tax. If you think that’s because they’re more interested in growing government revenues rather than lowering industrial greenhouse-gas emissions linked to man-made climate change, you’re right. […]

Using biomass at shuttered coal-fired plants

The Alberta power system is set for radical transformation between now and 2030. According to the Climate Leadership Plan, the province will end all coal-fired power generation and get 30 percent of its energy from renewable sources by this date. To drive this transition, the government is considering incentives such as renewable energy credits (RECs) […]