AESO Ops; Site C Fast Track; Terrestrial Energy USA Nuke

Sundance#2 (288MW) online at 10:33 but offline at 15:38 yesterday; Sundance#1 (288MW) came back online at 23:45 last night. Fast-tracking Site C dam construction before May’s provincial election is an unusual decision driven more by politics than need, according to a Canadian expert in Crown corporations who suggests the relationship between BC Hydro and the […]

AESO Ops; AltaGas Battery; Canada’s Diverse Power Supply

Sundance#4 (406MW) came back online at 14:13 Friday; Sundance#5 (406MW) went offline at 15:37; Sundance #2 (288MW) went offline at 21:31 Friday; Sundance#2 (288MW) went offline at 21:31 Sunday, on at 22:45 and off again at 01:52 this morning. Calgary-based AltaGas has opened an 80MW hour lithium-ion storage facility outside Los Angeles. Less than four […]

Ikea Buys 2nd Wind Farm; Vermillion 240kV

Scandinavian furniture and furnishings company Ikea Canada has bought a second wind farm in Alberta as part of its global ambition to match its electricity consumption with renewable energy production by 2020. Ikea will acquire an 88 MW wind farm located near Drumheller, about 130 km east of Calgary. Consisting of 55 turbines, the Wintering […]

AESO Ops; AESO Capacity Markets; Enmax Views Going Forward

Battle River#5 (385MW) came back online at 07:46 yesterday; Sundance#4 (406MW) went offline at 04:4 this morning. The AESO is designing and implementing an Alberta-specific capacity market. In order to leverage the experience and expertise of stakeholders in this process, the AESO is carrying out a Design Criteria & Engagement Process that is expected to […]

AESO Ops; City Medicine Hat Solar Paneled Wind Turbine; Sault Ste. Marie Storage

Battle River#5 (385MW) went offline at 20:04 yesterday and Sundance#1 (288MW) went offline at 20:25 yesterday. The City of Medicine Hat’s former chief commissioner is back with a new idea. Bob Nicolay is at the centre of a new renewable energy development partnership between his company, Bluenergy Canada, Medicine Hat College and the City, which […]

AESO Ops; New Battery

Sundance#1 (288MW) went offline at 13:49 Friday, on at 21:57 Sunday; off at 22:29 Sunday and back online at 00:42 this morning; Sundance#6 (401MW) came back online at 14:00 Friday; HR Milner (144MW) went offline at 04:21 this morning. Scientists, including one of Indian origin, have developed a button-sized, garnet-based rechargeable battery that may power […]

AESO Ops; Hydrostor Eyes US Peak; NEB Approves Lake Erie Connector

Sundance#6 and Battle River should be back online this weekend. There was a frequency excursion to 59.857 Hz due to loss of generation external to Alberta at 01:01 this morning. Canadian underwater energy storage company Hydrostor is eyeing $1 billion of contracts to replace decommissioned U.S. peak power plants in the next two or three […]

AESO Ops; Energy Storage

Sundance#6 (401MW) was offline from 08:08 until 10:57 Saturday; Sheerness#2 (390MW) went offline at 00:48 Sunday and back online at 22:09 Sunday; HR Milner (144MW) went offline at 19:32 Sunday; Keephills#2 (395MW) went offline at 19:59 Sunday. Northland has been developing a 400-megawatt pumped storage project that takes the form of an old flooded mine, […]

SD#4&#5 Offline, 1201L Outage Starts; Global Clean Energy Investment Fell in 2016

Sundance#4 (406MW) went offline at 17:36 and Sundance#5 (406MW) went offline at 23:24 both last night and both should be back online by Monday. The 1201L Outage starts today at HE8 and runs until HE15 on Jan 15 limiting imports and exports to ABC and Montana…AltaGas Ltd. has confirmed it’s in talks on a potential […]