MATL Off; SH#1 Offline; ON Pump Prices Up

MATL was off from 07:17 until 14:07 yesterday; Sheerness#1 (400MW) went offline at 15:30 yesterday and should be back online by tomorrow. Ontarians will start paying almost immediately after cap-and-trade comes into effect Jan. 1 with higher prices for gasoline and natural gas. The plan, which is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions to 15 […]

SD#5 Offline; MATL Outage; Solar Storm

Sundance#5 (406MW) went offline at 21:46 yesterday. There are emergency line repairs today from HE 8 until HE 16 on the MATL line restricting flow to zero. A solar storm will send extraordinary displays of colorful lights through the skies of northern countries, but may interfere with electrical equipment and power supplies. Solar storms, also […]

Outages; Carr Moves to Connect Provinces; ON Extends Off-Shore Wind Ban

Battle River#4 (155MW) went offline at 23:40 Friday; Keephills#2 (395MW) went offline at 22:57 Saturday and back online at 21:29 Monday; Keephills#3 (463MW) was offline from 11:34 Sunday until 01:10 Monday. Canada’s pipeline point man was a key player in decisions by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to approve a major liquefied natural gas project […]

Alberta NDP Meddling in the Power Pool

On Thursday, I praised the provincial NDP for loosening the rules around small-scale, private power generation. But I predicted that in the future, when these wind and solar projects failed to replace coal-fired electricity, the Notley government would get desperate and use higher taxes or higher electricity rates to heavily subsidize additional “green” power. I […]

AB Green Power Sources Amended to 5MW; Enmax Wind Farm Submitted

A rule change means consumers in Alberta can have more flexibility when it comes to how they generate their own forms of green electricity, the government said. The provincial government amended regulations governing low-carbon power sources to allow for more flexibility in grid connectivity and power limits, increasing micro-generation size limits from 1 megawatt to […]

KH#1 Online, 1201L Outage; Renewables View

Keephills#1 (395MW) came back online at 14:26 yesterday. The AESO 1201L Outage runs from HE08-HE18 Jan 13, 14, and 15 2017 restricting BC and Montana flows. Like many jurisdictions around the world, Ontario kick-started its renewables industry (mostly solar and wind power) by offering premium prices for electricity produced by them. This “feed in tariff” […]

SD#1 Online; Green vs Prosperity, It’s Either Or

Sundance#1 (288MW) came back online at 01:51 this morning. We heard it repeated ad nauseum in the ongoing debates over Canada’s climate-change policy, this hackneyed catchphrase that our society does not have to choose between clean energy and economic growth. This makes it sound as if there are no economic risks in our choice of […]

SD#1 Offline, SD#5 Online, KH#1 Offline; Carbon Tax in 2017 No Power Impact; AltaGas&TCPL Settle

Sundance#1 (288MW) went offline at 21:27 Friday; Sundance#5 (406MW) came back online at 03:01 Saturday; Keephills#1 (395MW) went offline at 20:56 Sunday. When Alberta’s new carbon tax kicks in on Jan. 1, 2017, it will raise the price of gasoline for your car, diesel for your truck, propane for your barbecue and natural gas for […]

SD#1 Online; New Renewable Company; Can Policies Not Working; Perovskites Increase Solar Recovery

Sundance#1 (288MW) came back online at 11:43 yesterday. Boralex Inc. and Alberta Wind Energy Corp. (AWEC) have partnered to create the Alberta Renewable Power Ltd. Partnership, which is owned 52% and 48%, respectively, by the two companies. Quebec-based renewable energy company Boralex owns 118 MW of operational projects in Canada. Meanwhile, AWEC develops independent wind […]

Topp Quits NDP; BC Hydro 2 Tier Rate Hurts

Battle River#3 (149MW) came back online at 09:41 yesterday but is offline this morning. AESO outage 1L274(B1s Natal – 1D1L274) outage will restrict BC imports by 60MW from HE8 to HE19. Brian Topp, Notley’s chief of staff and the architect of much of the government’s aggressive agenda, said he had fulfilled his commitments to Notley […]