Enmax Power Losses; Sask Coal Deal with Ottawa

AESO Wind forecast was not updated today. Calgary’s public utility says it is facing up to $77 million in potential losses from its dispute with the Alberta government over the timing of cancelled power contracts. Enmax walked away from two power purchase agreements after the province announced increases to the carbon tax on large industrial […]

HRM Off/On; What Alberta’s Electricity Market Might Look Like

HR Milner was offline from 19:10 until 12:25 Friday. The capacity market typically consists of an annual auction for capacity a few years ahead. Investors and incumbent generators offer to supply capacity. Electricity buyers – such as local distribution companies, like Enmax – buy that capacity to meet their forecast demand. When the grid has […]

SH#1 Offline; Trudeau Follows ON Liberals Down Fantasy Lane

Sheerness#1 (400MW) went offline at 02:43 this morning. The Trudeau Liberals are stealing a page from the Ontario Liberal playbook. The federal government announced its latest green energy scheme – a half-baked plan to shut down Canada’s remaining coal plants and replace them with so-called green energy alternatives. In Ontario, the crooked green energy laws […]

NDP Electricity Changes – Partial Regulation? Time for an Election

The NDP appears ready to overhaul Alberta’s deregulated electricity market, raising the spectre that consumers may end up paying more to keep the lights on. The government has been exceedingly ambitious in the early portion of its four-year mandate, doing everything from reviewing the royalties levied on Alberta’s energy, increasing corporate taxes, to imposing a […]

No Coal

The Coal Association of Canada has said Alberta could face major economic costs by phasing out coal power by the year 2030. On Monday, the federal government announced they’ll be accelerating the transition from coal power to clean energy by 2030 that will reduce Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions by more than five megatons. According to […]

KH#2 Offline; NDP Makes Bold Market Statements; Liberals Set to Punish West Again

Keephills#2 (395MW) went offline at 21:41 Saturday. The NDP government is considering an overhaul of Alberta’s deregulated electricity market, a major change some observers say could ultimately increase costs for consumers. Premier Rachel Notley says her government isn’t happy with the current energy market structure, where companies sell their electricity into a provincewide pool to […]

Notley Defends Fiery Criticism

Premier Rachel Notley said Thursday that critics of her NDP government’s handling of power contracts are off-base in their attacks. The government this summer launched legal action to declare void a provision in power purchase arrangement (PPA) regulations that allowed companies to cancel money-losing contracts. And in recent weeks the NDP has refused to rule […]

Calgary Chamber of Commerce Leader Says No to NDP

Calgary’s business community waded into the highly charged power contract dispute Wednesday, saying any attempt by the NDP government to retroactively change such agreements would be “reckless and dangerous,” turning Alberta into a “banana republic.” In an interview, Calgary Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Adam Legge criticized the Notley government for leaving the door […]

Quebec Wants to Bury the Hatchet

Quebec’s Premier is looking to “bury the hatchet” with Newfoundland and Labrador on Churchill Falls power, per one of his cabinet ministers. Pierre Arcand, Quebec’s minister of natural resources, told reporters on Monday that Premier Philippe Couillard has been talking to representatives from Newfoundland and Labrador’s provincial government to improve relations between the two provinces. […]