KH#2, BR#4 Online; AB Coal Phase Out Cost $8Billion; ON Pays $179MM

Keephills#2 (395MW) came back online at 00:23 Sunday; Battle River#4 (155MW) came back online at 20:18 Sunday. The 840s McNeil outage starts at HE8 this morning and runs until HE14 Nov 13, 2016 restricting imports and exports to zero. Phasing out coal-fired electricity in the province could cost from $4 billion to $8 billion by […]

SD#6 Online; Breaker Maintenance Continues; 3 NE States Sign Renewables on 460MW

Sundance#6 (401MW) came online at 10:53 but fell back offline at 18:01 yesterday and is back online this morning. SW SS breaker maintenance continues today from HW8 through HE15 restricting imports from Saskatchewan to zero. Alberta’s NDP government will make a small-scale investment to fund solar panels for up to 36 new schools, even as […]

Path 83 Out, SD#2 Off, SK to 0 Imports Today; AB Gov Might Legislate 30% Renewable; France Backs Off Carbon Tax

Path 83 (MATL) was out of service from 08:16 until 10:44 yesterday; Sundance#2 (288MW) went offline at 15:20 yesterday; SW SS breaker maintenance will keep Saskatchewan imports at zero from HE08-HE15. The AESO outage report shows about 350MW of coal generation to come back online by tomorrow. The Alberta government is considering enshrining in law […]

SD#2 Online; Capital Power Delays Gen4&5; AB Pork and Chicken get $10mm

Sundance#2 came back online at 22:30 last night. The 840S McNeil outage runs from HE8 through HE15 today restricting imports to 0. Capital Power has once again delayed a final go-ahead on its new natural gas-fired power plant because of continued uncertainty about Alberta’s coal phase-out and power market. The proposed $1.4-billion Genesee 4 and […]

SD#6 Offline; ON to Buy 2TW from Quebec

Sundance#6 went offline at 14:52 Friday; AESO forecasts over 500MW of coal generation will be back online by tomorrow. Ontario’s new deal to buy electricity from Quebec won’t shave a penny from hydro bills but will trim greenhouse gas emissions in the fight against climate change. Neither government would reveal the price Ontario is paying […]

KH#2 Online; Manning Center Info Requests

Keephills#2 (395MW) came back online at 22:39 last night. New information obtained by the Manning Centre shows consumers in Alberta have good reason to be concerned about the Notley government’s recent electricity sector changes. They asked the Notley government for their estimates on the impact to the average household’s power bill. While the government’s “Climate […]

SD#2 Offline; Notley Talks but No Details

Sundance#2 (288MW) went offline at 15:46 yesterday. Today’s wind forecast is up over a thousand MW. Approximately 400MW of coal generation is forecast to come back online by tomorrow. Premier Rachel Notley says Alberta will roll out specifics this fall of its plan to phase out coal-fired electricity and promote renewable energy. Notley, in a […]

KH#2 On/Off, BR#4 Off; Brad Wall Still Fighting

Keephills#2 (395MW) came online at 14:22 but off again at 21:12 yesterday; Battle River#4 (155MW) went offline at 03:03 this morning. Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall was none too happy when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his carbon pricing plan two weeks ago, calling it “a betrayal” because the provinces weren’t consulted. On Tuesday at a […]

IPPSA Luncheon; KH#1 Online

IPPSA invites you to join them at their member luncheon on October 25th in Calgary and October 27th in Edmonton featuring EDC Associates’ recent quantitative assessment of the province’s Climate Leadership Plan and its impact on Alberta’s power system. The assessment forecasts the emissions reduced by the plan against business as usual, the price impact […]