Albertans Would Reject Carbon Tax if Asked – Poll; Northland Power For Sale

A majority of Albertans disapprove of the NDP’s climate plan and even more don’t support the looming carbon tax, despite Premier Rachel Notley’s suggestions to the contrary, a new poll suggests. Sixty-three per cent either somewhat or strongly disapprove of the carbon tax, which is to come into effect on Jan. 1, 2017, according to […]

SH#2 Online; BC Wants to Look Like Alberta

Sheerness#2 (390MW) came back online at 01:00 this morning. For a premier who has rarely missed an opportunity to rally against neighbouring Alberta for failing to diversify its economy, British Columbia’s Christy Clark seems entirely unaware of a nearly identical risk facing her own province. “British Columbia has as much natural gas, as much energy, […]

Ontario Scraps Plans for Latest Renewable Energy – Costs are Too High

Ontario’s Liberal government took steps Tuesday to take some pressure off of rising electricity rates, cancelling plans to sign contracts for up to 1,000 megawatts of power from solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault said the move will save up to $3.8 billion of the costs projected in the 2013 […]

KH#2 Offline; Keeyask Dam was Risky Investment Strategy

Keephills#2 (395MW) went offline at 20:44 yesterday. A U.S. energy expert who sounded warnings about Manitoba Hydro’s Keeyask dam and Bipole III transmission line five years ago says he’s not surprised to hear both projects will leave the utility — and the province — with massive debt. Ian Goodman, an energy economics consultant based in […]

SH#2 Offline; Canada’s Carbon Pricing is Not “One Size Fits All”

Sheerness#2 (390MW) went offline at 21:02 Sunday. Canada has never been a “one-size-fits-all” federation. Quebec, for instance, is a province “pas commes les autres”. It has its own civil law and more control over immigration than other provinces. It has chosen to play a role in foreign relations through the Francophonie grouping of French-speaking nations […]

ECG#1 Offline, SD#6 Online; Climate Strategies Putting Cart Before the Horse

Shepard#1 (860MW) offline at 14:50 yesterday; Sundance#6 (401MW) went offline at 21:25 until 04:15 this morning. A full house at Country Kitchen Catering in Lethbridge heard a reasoned plea on Thursday for more thought on Canada and Alberta’s climate-change strategies.  Cosmos Voutsinos said Alberta, Canada and other countries are putting “the cart before the horse” […]

AESO Frequency Incursion; HRM Offline; Author Thinks Hefty Carbon Tax Not Necessary

There was a frequency excursion to 59.82HZ due to disturbance outside of the AIES. HR Milner went offline at 01:12 this morning. A new report says Canada could meet its emissions target under the Paris climate agreement without a hefty carbon tax. The carbon tax has been a contentious issue between the provinces and the […]

Microgrids; BC Hydro Completes John Hart Upgrade

Vancouver and British Columbia have a long, rich history when it comes to natural resources and economic development – fisheries, mining and timber in particular. The capital city and province likewise have emerged as hubs for grass roots political movements and efforts to scale up use of local renewable energy resources and actions to mitigate […]

BR#4 Online; Aboriginals Not Happy with Trudeau; Saskatchewan Wind Farm Denied

Battle River#4 (155MW) went offline at 16:03 yesterday. Justin Trudeau made a lot of promises to aboriginal people before and after becoming prime minister. But the rhetoric has already worn thin for First Nations in north-eastern British Columbia who are furious that the federal government has given the green light to a huge hydro dam […]

HRM Off/On, BR#5 Online; Trudeau Will Impose Carbon Minimum if Provinces Don’t

HR Milner (144MW) was offline from 21:16 Friday until 17:04 Sunday; Battle River#5 (385MW) came back online at 16:18 Sunday. The Liberal government will move this fall to impose a minimum, national carbon price on provinces that fail to adopt their own pricing system for reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, a plan that is adamantly opposed by […]