SH#2 Offline; Climate Change Policies Again in Question

Sheerness#2 (390MW) went offline at 05:28 this morning. Finance Minister Joe Ceci was more glum than usual when he delivered his recent economic update. A report by Kevin Birn of IHS Energy, called The State of Canadian and U.S. Climate Policy, helps explain why. It was mentioned by Claudia Cattaneo in the Financial Post last […]

HRM Online; Ontario Low Cost Power but High Bills

HR Milner (144MW) came back online at 03:15 this morning. There may be some movement in the Ontario Liberal government’s draconian plan to continually increase electricity rates. It appears premier Kathleen Wynne has sort of blinked, vaguely hinting something might be done. Media reports say continually increasing hydro bills have made the province North America’s […]

SD#2 MKRC Offline; AltaLink Southern Alberta Transmission Reinforcement Update; Waterloo Develops Zinc Ion Battery

Sundance#2 (288MW) went offline at 03:26 Sunday and MacKay River (197MW) went offline at 20:02 Sunday. AltaLink’s Southern Alberta Transmission Reinforcement project is working its way towards completion. The electrical utility company has been working to reinforce the 138 kilovolt transmission line in Medicine Hat since September of last year. The project is split into […]

Time for Geothermal

It’s been an awfully rough year for Alberta, but for many advocates of geothermal energy, that particular trio of stats represents a massive window of opportunity for the province, especially when paired with the government’s recent decision to phase out coal-fired power and generate 30 per cent of its electricity via renewables by 2030. In […]

Path 1 Out for an Hour, GN#2 Off/On, HRM Off; Innergex Starts Big Silver; US Coal Use Shrinks

Path 1 (AB/BC) was out of service from 20:17 until 20:46; Genesee#2 (400MW) was offline from 20:17 until 00:19 this morning; HR Milner (144MW) is offline. Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. has begun commercial operation of the 40.6 MW Big Silver Creek run-of-river hydroelectric facility located in British Columbia. The 40.6 MW Big Silver Creek hydroelectric […]

Upgrader Removes “Dirty” of Dirty Oil; BC’s Climate Change Plan

Reduce costs, reduce emissions—that’s been the unofficial mantra of the oil patch in 2016. But it’s a quest that Neil Camarta, CEO of the Calgary-based Field Upgrading, has been on for decades. As the name implies, Camarta’s company builds upgraders that remove impurities like sulfur and heavy metals from raw Alberta bitumen. But the catch […]

Daily Ops; Questions Continue Around NDP Lawsuit

Sundance#4 (406MW) came back online at 14:48 Friday; Keephills#2 (395MW) came back online at 01:04 Sunday. The AESO 1201L Outage starts at HE10 this morning limiting BC and Montana imports and exports. Wind generation today is forecast to be over 1200MW. Questions continue to surround the true intent of the Alberta government’s lawsuit challenging the […]

SK Imports/Exports Zero; Ric Mciver Jumps In; BC Climate Change Plan

440MW of coal generation is forecast to come back online today. Saskatchewan imports and exports will be at zero from HE 13 through HE15 today. A lot has been said recently about the amount of profit Alberta’s Power Purchase Arrangement (PPA) holders have made since the electricity market was deregulated back in 2000. Since announcing […]