Alberta NDP Suing Itself; NDP Looking for Guarantee Coal Companies Will Pay Cleanup

As the NDP government prepares to fight a major legal battle against power companies over cancelled contracts, it’s facing questions over why it doesn’t instead cut its losses and reduce the potential liability to Albertans by more than $1 billion. One of the companies at the centre of the case — Capital Power — said […]

SD#5 Offline; More Questions on the PPA Terminations

Sundance#5 (406MW) went offline at 21:54 yesterday and should be back online by tomorrow – wind generation continues to be very low. The newly elected NDP government decided last year to hike the carbon levy on large greenhouse gas emitters such as coal-fired power plants, but now insists it wasn’t told the move could potentially […]

NDP government sues self over loophole in power regs

Is the former Progressive Conservative government responsible for a critical electricity decision that could cost Albertans up to $2 billion in higher charges — or is the current NDP government accountable? Or is anyone to blame in this high-voltage affair? Ultimately, that question could be decided by an Alberta court after the Notley government started […]

Path 83 On; Ontario Electricity Prices Are Out Of Control

Path 83 returned to service at 16:52 yesterday. In response to the article yesterday showing world rankings for energy efficiency, one of my customers responded – “Of interest, the first four on the energy efficiency scorecard are all nuclear-centric. #1- Germany and tied #2 Japan are trying to get out of nuke and thinking high […]

KH#1, SD#2 Online; Kineticor 100MW Flare Gas Gen; ASA Looks to Storage; Canada Ranked #10

Keephills#1 came back online at 08:03 yesterday; Sundance#2 came back online at 02:02 this morning. Another 500MW of coal generation should be back online by tomorrow. Kineticor Resource Corp. announced that it has entered into long term agreements with multiple oil and gas producers to construct, own and operate the 100MW Peace River Power Project. […]

Path2 On, KH#2 Off, SD#5 On; First 3.2MW Wind Turbine in Canada

Sheerness#2 was offline from 07:17 until 10:12 yesterday; Path2 returned to service at 10:156 yesterday; Keephills#2 went offline at 16:10 yesterday; Sundance#5 came back online at 21:00 yesterday. Senvion, a leading global manufacturer of wind turbines, installed its first 3MW machine in North America, the Senvion 3.2M114. The turbine has a rated output of 3.2 […]

SD#2 Off, SH#2 Off/On, Path 2 Off; Leduc’s Solar; ON Should Shutter Pickering

Sundance#2 went offline at 21:28 yesterday; Sheerness#2 was offline from 00:57 until 03:47 this morning; Path 2 (Sask) went out of service at 21:34 yesterday and is scheduled to be out until HE 13 today. AESO forecasts nearly 900MW of coal currently offline will be back online by tomorrow. The City of Leduc’s massive rooftop […]

SH#2 Off/On, SH#1 On, SD#5 KH#1 Off; LNG Trouble

Sheerness#2 (390MW) was offline from 08:53 until 11:24 Friday; Sheerness#1 (400MW) came back online at 14:38 Friday; Sundance#5 (406MW) went offline at 09:29 Sunday; Keephills#1 (395MW) went offline at 19:20 Sunday – 900MW should be back online by Wednesday. Another delayed liquefied natural gas plant in B.C. has some wondering if the whole industry is […]