HR Milner Online; AB and SK Must Look at Hydro

HR Milner came back online at 20:32 yesterday. Of the many ways in which Manitoba can add value, one of the most exciting recent developments is its potential to help Saskatchewan and Alberta solve the challenge of shifting to clean electricity without causing significant harm to their economies. Those two provinces have the highest per-capita […]

Path 83 Out 2 Hours; US, Canada, Mexico Target 50% by 2025

Path 83, Montana/Alberta, went out of service at 05:29 this morning and should only last until HE8 The US, Canada and Mexico are set to announce that 50% of North America’s electricity will come from clean power sources by 2025, at the ‘Three Amigos’ summit in Ottawa tomorrow. The White House has announced that Barack […]

SD#6 Offline, SD#2 Online; Canadian Solar so Far

Sundance#6 went offline at 10:31 Friday; Sundance#2 came back online at 13:33 Friday. The US is leading the charge for solar in North America, but its next-door neighbours, Canada and Mexico, are also pressing ahead with plans to boost deployment. The US solar market is expanding at an exponential rate, thanks to a booming residential […]

SD#2 Offline; Path 2 Back in Service; Ft Mac CoGens Near Max

Sundance#2 went offline at 13:55 yesterday but the AESO Short Term Outage Report shows it will just be for a day or two; Path 2 was back in service at 15:20 yesterday. The amount of power generated by co-generation electric plants around the fire-ravaged town of Fort McMurray, Alta., climbed near levels seen before wildfires […]

SK Tie Line Still Down; Warren Buffett Killing it in Alberta

McNeil 840s will keep Sask imports and exports to zero until HE18 today. Warren Buffett is among the very few people currently making money in Alberta’s largely unprofitable electricity market. Two years ago, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. bought more than half of all the electric transmission lines crisscrossing Albertan farmland in a $3.2-billion acquisition of […]

SK Tie Line Down; Household Energy Efficiency

There is a Saskatchewan intertie outage today reducing both import and export capability to zero from HE10 through HE17. Canada’s most significant residential energy uses are transportation, followed by space heating, then electricity and hot water. But there are three critical ways to combat energy use: conservation, replacement with renewables and efficiency. To increase household […]

Trudeau Supports Site C Transmission to Alberta

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s open to the idea of supporting a new grid that would ship surplus B.C. electricity to Alberta to help that province reduce its reliance on coal. Premier Christy Clark’s government has launched “exploratory” talks on a jointly funded project, estimated to cost close to $1 billion, with the Alberta […]

KH#1 Online, SH#1 Off/On; AESO Supply Surplus; PV Up; Nat Gas Ahead of Coal Gen; Fossil Fuels Still Big

Keephills#1 came back online at 11:01 Friday; Sheerness#1 went offline from 22:52 Saturday until 00:22 Sunday. AESO declared a supply surplus at 03:11 Sunday until 07:40 Sunday – HE 5through HE7 were at $0 AESO. Photovoltaic (PV) materials market size was worth over USD 20 billion in 2015, and is estimated to exceed USD 35 […]

Alberta and Saskatchewan are Renewable Energy Laggards

Alberta and Saskatchewan are renewable energy laggards, while Ontario and Quebec are leaders, according to a new report from Clean Energy Canada. The organization added up all the clean energy projects constructed in 2015 across the country. About $78 million was spent in Alberta and $60 million in Saskatchewan as a single wind project was […]

ON Aboriginal Solar; Oilsands Microwave

A bond to fund Canada’s largest solar-power project, located on aboriginal land in Ontario, is proving a magic combination for investors who are scooping up the new green debt. The C$613 million ($475 million) of notes maturing in 2035 with a 3.926 percent coupon to finance the Grand Renewable Solar Project represent Canada’s largest solar-bond […]