HRM Offline; Alta. NDP’s Eco-extremism; Ontario and Alberta Walking Hand-in-hand

Sundance#1 went off and on multiple times finally back online at 16:45 yesterday; HR Milner went offline at 20:37 yesterday. The NDP government’s Climate Leadership Implementation Act, introduced in the legislature this week, could just as easily have been called the Let’s Shut the Engine Off and See How Far this Economy Can Coast Act. […]

SD#1 Offline; Northland Drops BC Wind

Sundance#1 (288MW) went offline at 21:18 yesterday. Northland Power has withdrawn two wind projects from B.C.’s environmental approval process, officially halting proposals that had been dormant for several years as the Site C hydroelectric dam puts a chill on renewable energy projects. The proposals – for Mount George Wind Park, a 300MW wind farm 38 […]

Carbon Levy or Provincial Sales Tax in Disguise?; Trudeau Likes the East Best

Alberta has put forward legislation to implement its multibillion-dollar carbon levy, with new estimates hiking the cost to families to as much as $443 next year. Opponents, however, estimate it will be about double that. Environment Minister Shannon Phillips introduced Bill 20 for first reading in the legislature Tuesday. The levy will provide an incentive […]

SD#3 & GN#2 Online; Vancouver Mayor Angry over Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion

Sundance#3 (368MW) came back online at 01:18 Saturday; AESO NE 9L07 was out of service from 05:28 until 15:46 Saturday and out from 11:15 to 20:12 Monday; Genesee#2 (400MW) came back online at 12:52 Sunday. Vancouver mayor outraged at the Kinder Morgan Pipeline recommendation and also points out that approving the pipeline expansion would go […]

SD#4 On, HRM BR#4 Off; Enmax on Hold; NS Tidal Turbine

Sundance#4 came back online at 08:29 yesterday; HR Milner went offline at 21:22 yesterday and Battle River#4 went offline at 03:05 this morning. From HE11 through HE14 there is a 300MW restriction at both ABC and MATL. Enmax CEO Gianna Manes says the city-owned utility won’t proceed with future power generation decisions while it awaits […]

BC Ties LNG, Alberta Power

It’s long past time for the federal government to issue environmental permits for a multibillion-dollar liquefied natural gas terminal in Prince Rupert, B.C. Premier Christy Clark said Wednesday while confirming she’s in three-way talks with Ottawa and Alberta over hydro sales. Clark’s demand ups the pressure on the Trudeau Liberals, who have so far avoided […]

HRM Online, SH#2 Online, SCR#1 Offline, SD#4 Offline, Millennium #3&#6 Offline; Nuke Power Growth

HR Milner (144MW) came back online at 08:28 yesterday; Sheerness#2(390MW) came back online at 21:57 yesterday; SCR#1 (50MW) went offline at 22:56 yesterday; Sundance#4 (406MW) went offline at 01:32; Millennium #3 went offline at 01:36; Millennium #6 went offline at 05:17 this morning Projected to grow 2.4% annually, nuclear power will remain one of the […]

BR#4 Off, KH#2 On, SH#2 Off, SD#2 On; Notley’s 3 Part Plan

Battle River #4 (155MW) went offline at 00:43 Saturday; Keephills#2 (395MW) came back online at 12:34 Saturday; Sheerness #2(390MW) went offline at 18:03 Sunday; Sundance#2 (288MW) came back online at 02:45 this morning. Premier Rachel Notley may not go to Vegas for her holidays, but that doesn’t mean she is not a gambler. Her “Go […]