MSA Wants to Ban AESO Hourly Posting; BC to AB – Maybe Not

The Market Surveillance Administrator is urging the Alberta Utilities Commission to ban hourly posting of spot market power price offers on the grounds it can result in jacked-up electricity prices for Albertans. The MSA is concerned that this report, which contains hourly information related to generators’ offers to supply power to the Alberta market, undermines […]

SD#4 Offline; AB Green Investments Need Scrutiny; Cowley Ridge

Sundance#4 (406MW) went offline at 21:32 yesterday and looks to come back online by tomorrow. Alberta governments should be careful their money doesn’t go up in smoke before investing in green industries, City of Edmonton chief economist John Rose warned Wednesday. While there are big opportunities in renewable energy, technology and programs, the province needs […]

KH#2 Online; Nat Gas Still Lowest Cost for Oil Sands; Exelon Battery for Ohio

Keephills#2 came back online at 11:47 yesterday. The B.C. Liberals have lately promoted building a new electrical transmission link to Alberta as a way to sell green power to a neighbour while attracting federal infrastructure dollars for job creation. One option had the two provinces proceeding with plans to upgrade the existing transmission link – […]

MKRC Off, SD#6 Off/On, KH#2 Off; AB Power Prices to Spike; ON Price Hike

MacKay River (197MW) went offline at 16:15 Saturday and Sundance#6 (401MW) went offline from 04:12 to 17:16 Sunday; Keephills#2 went offline at 20:36 Sunday. Electricity prices haven’t been this low in Alberta in nearly 20 years, one of several developments in a very unstable and unpredictable sector in the province. The last time power prices […]

Path 83 Out; OPG Stops Darlington Review; OME Launches Phase II; EDF Signs Phase I Wind

Path 83 (MATL) was out of service from 10:07 until 15:24 yesterday. Ontario Power Generation is breathing easier after the Federal Court of Appeal unanimously dismissed a judicial review of the environmental assessment of its $12.8-billion Darlington nuclear refurbishment project. OPG says the federal court found there were no gaps or errors in the 2013 […]

MATL Outage Today; BC’s Site C for Oilsands; Peabody Declares Bankruptcy

There is an MATL outage today from HE10 through HE 15 reducing MATL to zero and minor reductions on the BC tie line. Premier Christy Clark has ambitious plans for the copious amounts of electricity — far more than British Columbia is expected to need for more than a decade — generated by the Site […]