KH#2 Offline; AB Transmission Spike; Geothermal in Canada =0

Keephills#2 went offline at 21:07 last night. Albertans are facing massive spikes on power pills that are unprecedented in North America, warns a coalition of consumer watchdogs. Several groups representing residential, business and industrial power consumers has warned the Alberta Utility Commission (AUC) transmission rates have escalated to the point where they threaten to impact […]

SH#2 Offline; AB Schools Buy Wind; Maxim Shuts Down HR Milner

Sheerness#2 went offline ay 23:20 last night. Across the province, 25 school boards have signed 25-year contracts with Calgary-based BluEarth Renewables, which built a 29-megawatt wind farm near the Saskatchewan border in order to power the schools. The schools do not directly use energy generated from the wind farm. However, the turbines contribute electricity to […]

SD#5 On; PPA’s Can’t Win Legal Fight; Solar Looking Good in AB

Sundance#5 came back online at 16:02 yesterday. The NDP government’s challenge of Enmax’s decision to dump its unprofitable coal-fired power contract into the lap of consumers has little chance of success, says a University of Calgary law professor. “It will be a very uphill battle,” said Nigel Bankes, the university’s chair of natural resources law. […]

SD#5 Off, GN#2 Off/On; Calgary Heralds’ Klassen Pokes the Bear

Sundance#5 went offline at 09:51 Thursday; Genesee#2 went offline at 00:48 Friday and came back online at 08:34 Sunday.   To know Alberta’s electricity systems is to love the intricacies of private and government partnerships; completely unique, we have a made-in-Alberta affair. But as numb as we may be to the word “billions” when talking […]

GN#3 Offline, SD#6 Online; Suncor Looks Green; Low Pool Price

Genesee#3 went offline at 17:25 yesterday; Sundance#6 came back online at 00:38 this morning. Suncor is in the very preliminary development stage of three proposed solar projects in Alberta including the Hand Hills project east of Drumheller, the Forty Mile project southwest of Medicine Hat, and the Schuler project in the Cypress County area. If […]

SH#2 Off/On; Coal Still Putting Up a Fight

Sheerness#2 was offline from 18:15 until 21:02 yesterday. Robin Campbell, president of the Coal Association of Canada, said Monday the provincial government should reconsider its plan to phase out 18 coal-fired generators by 2030, because it will be costly and put Albertans out of work. “I think the plan is a little short sighted,” he […]

MATL Off/ON; SD#3 off/on; Energy “Poverty”; BC Leads in Power Exports

Path 83 (MATL) went out of service at 21:49 Friday and back 09:10 Sunday; Sundance#3 went offline at 01:04 Sunday and back online at 13:04. Rising electricity bills have put more Canadian households in “energy poverty,” a Fraser Institute study reveals. The good news is; British Columbians are least likely to be put in the […]

If It Costs Jobs, Why be a Leader? ; Rural Alberta Coal Towns in Trouble

Alberta has appointed the retired head of North American’s largest power grid as its point person as the NDP government pushes to fulfil its campaign promise to fast-track the phase out of coal-fired power across the province. Terry Boston, the former president and chief executive of PJM Interconnection, will hold discussions with plant owners, the […]

SD#6 Offline; Clean Coal – Not

Sundance#6 (401MW) went offline at 21:41 last night. Coal Association of Canada (CAC) president, Robin Campbell is currently touring Alberta with a series of “ACT information meetings.” He is making a number of assertions about the province’s coal industry and Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan. We feel that some of the points being raised by Campbell […]