SD#1 Off/On, HRM Online, BR#4 Online; Site C Power for the Oilsands?

AESO’s 1201L outage stats this morning taking most imports and exports out of service – the duration is approx until the evening of Feb 19, 2016. SD#1 (288MW) went offline at 17:21 Friday, online at 08:53 Saturday and offline at 09:59 Saturday and back online at 23:23 Saturday; HR Milner (144MW) came back online at […]

SD#2 Offline, HRM Offline; Hydro-Quebec Exports Push

Sundance#2 (288MW) went offline at 12:38; Genesee#1 (400MW) went offline at 12:43 and back online at 21:26; HR Milner (144MW) went offline at 14:56 to 22:05 then back offline again at 00:11 this morning.   The increase in exports is a key element of the strategy of the new President of Hydro-Quebec, Eric Martel, who […]

840s McNeill Outage; AB Solar; Fortis Buys ITC

AESO outage at 840s McNeill will cause imports and exports to Saskatchewan to be o for HE 15 and 16.   The Alberta government is adding another plank to its climate-change platform by providing more than $5.5 million to help farms and municipalities install solar panels. “This is just the beginning,” Environment Minister Shannon Phillips […]

SD#4 Off/On, PR#1 On, SD#4 On, SD#1 On/Off; NDP’s Holistic Evaluation

Sundance#4 (406MW) went offline at 21:43 Friday and back online at 16:48 Sunday; Primrose#1 (100MW co-gen) came back online at 13:39 Saturday; Sundance#4 came back online at 16:48 Sunday; Sundance#1 (288MW) came back online at 21:36 Sunday but went offline at 23:42 Sunday. AESO outage 102S SVC will lower imports by 100MW at ABC. Alberta’s […]

AB Market Active; SD#1 Offline; ON Offers Upgrade Help

Very active day on ICE(NGX) power trading system as transactions were done on all of the months in 2016 but rest of 2016 stayed flat with just some realigning. Sundance#1(390MW) went offline at 10:38 yesterday.   Ontario announced a $100-million program Thursday to help homeowners upgrade their furnaces, water heaters and insulation, but did not […]

ATCO Goes Retail; Starland County Solar

ATCO Group has officially returned to the retail market. The Calgary-based company launched ATCOenergy on Wednesday – a new electricity and natural gas retail company that’s promising lower costs for homes and businesses. After signing a non-compete agreement with Direct Energy in 2004, ATCO was off the residential market for 10 years. But, now that […]

SD#1 Online; ON Solar Project a Go

Sundance#1(288MW) came back online at 00:31 this morning.   Tracts of farm land outside Mount Forest, Ont. will soon be home to Canada’s newest renewable energy project. Having secured $190 million in debt financing, Samsung Renewable Energy Inc. and Connor, Clark & Lunn Infrastructure have announced plans to proceed to the construction phase on the […]

SD#2 Online, BR#4 Offline; NB To End Unfair Pricing; Canada and EMP Attacks

Sundance#2 came back online at 15:37, off at 18:07 and back online at 21:16; Battle River#4 went offline at 22:44 yesterday.   New Brunswick’s Energy and Utilities Board (EUB) opened hearings in Fredericton Monday looking to end decades of politically manufactured electricity prices in the province, a process that could generate yet more rate hikes […]