SD#2, KH#1 Offline; ON $37billion in Mistakes

Sundance#2(288MW) went offline at 12:38 yesterday and Keephills#1(395MW) went offline at 20:55 yesterday – both unscheduled and are forecast to be back online by Sunday.   It’s always best to learn from others’ mistakes and Ontario’s made plenty – $37 billion worth – giving Alberta the opportunity to observe them before it re-engineers its own […]

Enmax Gives Customers Close Look at Usage

Opower, a global leader in cloud-based software for the utility industry, announced that it has been selected by ENMAX Energy to improve and enhance the customer experience with Opower’s Energy Efficiency, Digital Engagement and Bill Advisor products. As part of ENMAX’s My Energy IQ™ program, Opower will deliver Home Energy Reports and its NextWeb online […]

NS Power Exceeds Green Targets; UK Power Crisis

Nova Scotia Power says it has exceeded the provincial target of generating 25 per cent of electricity from renewable energy sources in 2015. The province now generates 26.6 per cent of its electricity from sources such as wind, hydro, tidal and biomass. The most rapid growth has come from wind farms, which jumped from supplying […]

SH#1 Online; EDC Agrees AB Price Higher; Hydro One Downgraded

Sheerness#1 came back online at 01:50 this morning.   A new study by EDC Associates Ltd has found that Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan would result in big reductions in emissions but that the cost of boosting renewable energy usage would mean significantly higher electricity rates. No surprise. It found that the boost in renewables and […]

SH#1 Offline; AB Looks to Open Micro-Gens to “For Profit”

Sheerness#1 went offline at 20:01 Sunday.   Alberta is looking at changing regulations so that people who generate their own wind or solar electricity can earn money selling the excess electricity back to the power grid. Regulations that came into effect in 2009 limit the capacity of these smaller electricity production units known as micro-generators […]

Strong AB Winds; OPG Fined Over Nuke Compliance

Strong wind generation should keep AESO price low.   Canada’s nuclear regulator says the operators of an Ontario nuclear power plant failed to comply with certain licensing conditions, behavior that could produce “unreasonable risks to national security.” Ontario Power Generation Inc. was slapped with a $31,690 fine in a notice of violation issued on Jan. […]

GN#3 off/on; Wind Stays Strong; ON Battery; ON Nuke Refurb Dangerous

Genesee#3 was offline from 22:05 until 03:31 this morning. All coal units are forecast to be back online by Thursday.   Canada’s wind industry continued to chart strong growth in 2015. According to the Canadian Wind Energy Association, the renewable segment commissioned 36 different wind projects in 2015, adding 1,506 megawatts of energy capacity to […]

SD#2 Online; Enmax Drops Battle River PPA

Sundance#2 came back online at 22:00 yesterday.   Calgary city-owned Enmax has terminated its contract to buy electricity from the coal-fired Battle River power plant, saying historically low power prices and the NDP hike in the carbon tax for heavy carbon emitters has made the deal unprofitable. “With low power prices in the wholesale market […]