SD#6 Off/On; Battery Test

Sundance#6 went offline from 19:48 Saturday until 01:31 this morning.   The Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) at Ryerson University is testing a home grown battery system in collaboration with Toronto Hydro to prove how off-peak electricity can be stored. In addition to providing a learning opportunity for CUE researchers and students, the one-year project […]

$770K To Promote Notley Policy; Site C Moving Forward

HR Milner went offline 10:43 to 13:39 yesterday. The Alberta government is spending $700,000 to promote its new climate change strategy to Albertans on radio, television and in newspapers. The premier’s spokeswoman, Cheryl Oates, said the advertisements, which will also appear online, will run in various media across the province until early January. “Albertans want […]

How Much Will Early Coal Shut Downs Cost – He Says She Says; SaskPower Report

Premier Rachel Notley scoffed at an analyst’s report Wednesday that power generators will forgo $12 billion in lost revenue if the government shuts down Alberta’s coal-fired power plants early, but she wouldn’t say just how much the province is willing to pay to compensate them. An Industrial Alliance Securities Inc. report says the accelerated phase-out […]

Photosynthesis Power; AB Winners

A power cell that harnesses electrical energy from the photosynthesis and respiration of algae has been developed by researchers from Concordia University in Quebec. The power cell uses cyanobacteria, blue-green algae that are able to survive across a broad range of conditions and locations found on Earth. As they undergo photosynthesis, the cyanobacteria release electrons […]

Lorne Gunter’s View

I don’t know which is worse, the addition of $600 a year in new “green” taxes on the average Alberta family or the New Democrats’ snickering belief that voters are stupid enough to believe that story. There is so much in the Notley plan that is ridiculous and disgraceful. Let’s start with the claim the […]

HRM, SH2, KH1 Online; Notley’s Plan

HR Milner came back online at 12:47 Friday; Sheerness#2 came back online at 14:30 Friday; Keephills#1 came back online at 02:02 this morning.   Alberta’s new Climate Leadership Plan puts a price on carbon pollution for everyone, sets emissions limits for the oil sands industry and accelerates the transition from coal to renewable electricity sources. […]

SH#2, HRM Offline; Notley Says Compensation Available for Coal Phase Out

Sheerness#2 went offline at 13:49 yesterday and HR Milner at 00:43 this morning.   Premier Rachel Notley says Alberta’s new climate change plan, expected within days, will contain measures to mitigate the impact of phasing out coal-fired electricity plants. “In its place, we will create thousands of jobs building and operating cleaner natural gas and […]

KH#1 Offline; More Coal Rhetoric; TO Hydro Underwater Energy Storage

Keephills#1 went offline at 21:02 yesterday. An open letter from the reeves and mayors of 30 Alberta rural municipalities says the NDP’s plan to quickly phase-out coal-fired electricity generation plants will hurt the economy. For many businesses throughout the province, the prospect of rapidly-rising electricity costs in the face of uncertainty and a prolonged economic […]

AB Change is Coming

Change is coming to Alberta’s electricity sector, but industry watchers are divided on how it will affect rates for consumers already hit hard by the enduring global oil price slump. Pointing to Ontario, TransAlta chief executive Dawn Farrell recently raised the spectre of rate hikes while pushing for the Calgary-based utility’s proposed plan to transition […]