City of Medicine Hat Makes $$ on TransAlta; Choice Saves Money

It’s not known how many local companies were directly hurt by energy market manipulation by TransAlta Utilities in 2010 and 2011, but during the same period the City of Medicine Hat collected an $8-million windfall. Local officials however, as well as the man launching a class-action lawsuit for power consumers, say the municipality was merely […]

SD#3 Offline; TAU Independent Review; Kimberly Solar Online

Sundance#3 went offline at 04:44 this morning. TransAlta is ready to hold an independent review of its practices. The reason why it’s doing that is because on Monday the Alberta Utility Commission announced that the company triggered outages at power plants to raise electricity rates. AUC alleges that TransAlta shut down coal-fired power plants in […]

Potential TransAlta Law Suit

Commercial and industrial businesses are being invited to join a class-action lawsuit against TransAlta Corporation after the provincial regulator ruled the utility manipulated power prices. Electricity consultant David Gray said he is organizing the court action in a bid to help businesses recoup the money they lost when TransAlta shut down power plants during periods […]

AUC Rules TransAlta Drove Up Price; May Canada Demand 5% Below Average

TransAlta Corp. deliberately timed outages at power plants in Alberta at peak times in order to drive up electricity prices, the province’s utilities commission said in a ruling Monday. The Alberta Utilities Commission conducted hearings after the province’s market surveillance administrator alleged that the Calgary-based company manipulated the electricity market by shutting down coal-fired power […]

Aug Up, Sep Down; Path 83 Off; Maritime Electric Plans

The AESO monthly outage forecast for Coal saw 300MW moved from September into August on Friday pushing August flat price from early trades of $43.50 to $55.50/MWh and September from $45 down to $39.50. Path 83 (MATL) went out of service at 06:38 Saturday until 13:20 Sunday. A plan by Maritime Electric to reduce electricity […]

Can Solar Completes Park; Maritime Electric Meetings; Ballard Power France Deal

Canadian Solar Solutions has completed construction of the largest solar project in Canada, a 100MW PV plant in Ontario. The Grand Renewable Solar Project (GRS) included solar panels and inverters manufactured by Canadian Solar and SMA. Construction began on the project in September 2013 involving an average of 240 workers on site at any one […]

Oshawa Solar Project; NS BC Joint Tidal Dev; Diesel Reduction

Oshawa residents will have the opportunity to apply to be part of a solar energy pilot project after the City and its electric utility, the OPUC, signed an agreement with a Japanese organization that promotes research and development in the renewable energy field. NEDO, which is primarily funded by the Japanese government, is funding the […]

Keephills#1 went offline at 20:59 Friday; Sundance#1 came back online at 03:25 Saturday. Ontario is the latest customer to line up to purchase Newfoundland and Labrador’s growing supply of hydroelectricity in a move that could one day lead to a “national grid.” The two provincial energy ministers will announce Monday they’re launching a study of […]