SD#2 Offline, JOF#1 Offline; Tech Shutters 6 Coal Mines

Sundance#2 went offline at 19:52 yesterday; Joffre#1 went offline at 00:16 this morning. Teck Resources Ltd. will temporarily shutter its six Canadian metallurgical coal mines this summer, a move that will have ripple effects in other sectors of the Canadian economy. The suspensions are Teck’s latest step to deal with weak commodity prices and a […]

BR#3 Offline; ITC Lake Erie Files; NY Prices Drop on Indian Point

Battle River#3 went offline at 22:15 yesterday. ITC Lake Erie Connector, subsidiary of US power transmission firm ITC Holdings, has filed a permit application with National Energy Board of Canada for its 1000MW ITC Lake Erie Connector transmission line. The proposed connector will be a +/- 320 kV bi-directional, high-voltage direct current merchant transmission line. […]

KH#2 Online, HRM Offline; NB Power Opens Up; Hay River Distribution for Sale; Shepard Official

Keephills #2 came back online at 07:43 yesterday; HR Milner went offline at 02:37 this morning. AESO is doing an upgrade making the wind forecast unavailable. The New Brunswick provincial government is going to let small electricity generators sell their power to NB Power. The new legislation was introduced on Tuesday and it will make […]

SD#2, BR#3 Online; Canada Electricity Stats; Manitoba Hydro Increase

Sundance#2 came back online at 18:47 yesterday and Battle River#3 came back online at 01:01 this morning. Canada’s demand for electricity in March totaled 50.1 million megawatt hours (MWh), down 5.1% from March 2014 levels. Lower demand in Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia contributed to the decline. With the drop in demand, electricity generation fell […]

SD#1 Online, KH#2 Offline; Capstone Commissions Goulais

Sundance#1 came back online at 9:18 and Keephills#2 went offline at 12:34 yesterday. Capstone Infrastructure Corporation announced the commissioning of the 25MW Goulais Wind Farm in the Algoma District of Ontario, north of Sault Ste. Marie. The site consists of 11 Siemens S113-2.3-megawatt turbines, has a 20-year Feed-in-Tariff contract with the Independent Electricity System Operator […]

SD#1&#2 Offline; Hydro One

Sundance#1 went offline at 11:53 and Sundance#2 went offline at 20:32 yesterday. The AESO short term outage forecast shows 800MW of coal generation coming back online tomorrow. The largest Canadian initial public offering in more than 15 years will pay a two-tiered commission rate that could see the underwriters earn about 36 million Canadian dollars […]

SH#1 Offline; NDP Will Review AB Power Dereg; Toronto Hydro Pilot Programs

Sheerness#1 went offline at 22:04. The NDP has long vowed to pull the plug on electricity deregulation, but premier-designate Rachel Notley has signaled she will review all options before taking action on the issue. Notley said late in the election campaign that her party will “take a bit of time” to study the issue before […]

SD#1, SD#3, SH#2 Online; OpenHydro Ready; Pattern Buys

Sheerness #2 came back online at 00:13 Saturday; Battle River #4 was offline from 14:19 Sunday until 00:41 Monday; Sundance#3 came back online at 03:00 this morning; Sundance#1 came back online at 05:09 this morning. After years of preparation, electricity-generating tidal turbines will soon be deployed in the intense underwater current of the Bay of […]

1209L in Service; Squamish LNG; Minnesota Power Clears Reg Hurdle

1209L (500kV 330P Genesee – 89S Ellerslie) Returned to service at 17:38 yesterday. With the district of Squamish threatening to block an LNG plant that would export natural gas from Northeast B.C., Dawson Creek is stepping in to try to soothe that council’s fears about fracking. Squamish council, some of whom were elected on an […]