BR#4 Offline; Alberta Salt Cavern Stores Compressed Wind Air

Battle River#4 went offline at 19:15 yesterday. A large salt cavern in eastern Alberta that will store excess wind energy, in the form of compressed air, for future electricity use could be a Canadian first. Calgary-based Rocky Mountain Power has been working on the Alberta Saskatchewan Intertie Storage Project for a couple of years but […]

SD#6 Online; Manitoba Hydro Rate Increase; Canadian Solar Sells Glenarm

Sundance#6 came back online at 13:00 yesterday. Manitoba Hydro says it needs rate increases about double the rate of inflation over the next two years to help ensure its financial integrity. Hydro will appear before the Public Utilities Board in the coming weeks to ask for rate increases of 3.95 per cent in each of […]

BC Hydro Says Site C is a Go; Nuclear Waste Still a Problem

The head of BC Hydro is promising the contentious Site C hydroelectric dam will be built, despite overwhelming opposition and court challenges to the $8.8-billion project. Construction on the project is set to start this summer on the Peace River, where it will flood agricultural land, First Nations spiritual, burial and archeological sites and destroy […]

SD#4 Offline; Toronto and Ottawa Not Using Recalled Meters; Wave Energy

Sundance#4 went offline at 21:52 yesterday. Toronto Hydro wants to assure its customers that the smart meters identified in the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) bulletin today are not used in Toronto Hydro’s service territory. The ESA issued a Safety Bulletin indicating that electricity distribution companies using Sensus IconA 3.2 and 3.3 (with remote disconnect version […]

Ontario’s Dilemma

Supplying electricity to a province as large and diverse as Ontario is a complex undertaking, enough that one can always find some detail to ‘prove’ a predetermined attitude, or so it seems. A case in point is the electricity oversupply they had on Christmas. That day saw so little demand for electricity in Ontario (due […]

Shepard Off/On; TransAlta Scrubs Peace River Hydro Project

Shepard CT1 offline from 08:21 until 13:01. TransAlta is stepping back from its plans for a hydro project on the Peace River. In a letter to the Alberta Utilities Commission, the province’s main power utility says market conditions are behind its decision to pull its application for a 100MW power plant near Dunvegan, Alta. TransAlta’s […]

Senvion Opens Two Wind Farms in ON; Merkle Construction Starts in BC

The Canadian unit of German wind turbine maker Senvion SE said Monday its footprint in Ontario has reached 24 MW after the company put online two wind parks in the southern parts of the province. The recently-commissioned wind parks are the 8.2-MW Springwood plant and the 6.9-MW Whittington power facility. Quebec-based Senvion Canada Inc has […]

SD#6 Off/On, HRM Online; MB Hydro Increase

Sundance#6 went offline at 00:25 and back on at 23:33 Saturday; HR Milner came back online at 06:03 Saturday. Manitoba Hydro has applied to the Public Utilities Board to increase rates by 3.95% on April 1, then raise them another 3.95% 12 months later. Without more money, the hydro distribution system will become increasingly unreliable […]